How to choose mattress with different price?

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The direct cost of mattress is mainly reflected in the material price difference, but the actual price will be affected by many factors, such as brand premium, indirect cost and so on. But from the point of view of mattress selection, the actual cost of mattress is what we should be most concerned about, which directly affects the quality of materials, to a large extent, determines the sleep of a mattress. There are two main materials for mainstream mattress, spring and sponge. In particular, springs and sponges can be used, and all sponges can be used as the inner core of mattresses. Let's take a look.


Among them, the first three belong to the whole net spring, the spring is interconnected, and the performance is worse than the single bag spring. Spring prices and types are roughly distributed as above, and of course there are more expensive zonal springs, but still belong to the category of single bag springs. Mattress material is very complicated, but one thing is better, that is, in most cases, the more expensive the better, otherwise will not be eliminated. The vast majority of the designs sold in the domestic market for one or two American S-leading brands (not named here) are full-net springs, but in the propaganda it is shameless to boast that the whole-net springs are better than the single-bag springs. This is the behavior of the face! We firmly oppose it!


There are three main types of sponge materials: polyurethane foam (also known as sponge), memory sponge, latex. Each sponge material has many branches, but it never changes.

 Memory cotton and natural latex are the highest price sponges, and their performance is the best. So it is usually used as a comfort layer in high-end spring mattress. 

 Because of its outstanding performance, memory cotton and natural latex can also be used as a mattress alone, performance than the spring mattress has been greatly improved, 

 the thickness can also be greatly reduced, the disadvantage is expensive. Finally, let's talk about the key points of mattress purchase at different prices. It should be noted that

 the service life of mattress is about 7-15 years, which is an objective conclusion from the point of view of material aging. Quality assurance doesn't make any sense. 

 The mattress is hard to break. It's just the degree of aging that makes it no longer fit for work. So when choosing a mattress, try to determine your budget according 

 to the 7~15 standard. 0~2000 the price of the mattress mainly consider environmental protection, try hard to choose a more rigid style. The price of 2000-5000 mainly considers 

 domestic or IKEA spring mattress, IKEA foam mattress can also be selected. 5000~8000 is still mainly considering domestic brand mattresses, not considering the domestic style 

 of imported brands. More than 8000, 

try to sell overseas brands and recommend foam mattresses. For more material problems, you can refer to the following.