What is the advantage of water proof mattress

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For the mattress, many people will have a trouble. If the child accidentally wets the bed or knocks over the water cup, the mattress is wet. What should I do?
Take it out and bask in the sun, blow it dry with a hair dryer? These practices are effective but time consuming and laborious. If you have a waterproof mattress, you can solve this problem.

Waterproof mattress:

Add a layer of tarpaulin to the fabric, with high breathability. Each hole can accommodate 700 water molecules, sweat can easily pass through the film layer, can be washed, soft texture, and has heat dissipation.

There are two types of waterproof mattresses:
1. Home care waterproof mattress: liquid does not penetrate the surface layer, easy to wipe, breathable, easy to clean and disinfect, comfortable and durable.
2. Advanced waterproof mattress: highly waterproof, with strong water absorption and strong breathability. It is an ideal